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My new container pond

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Have Water Lettuce, Lily, Pickerel Rush & Parrot feather in there. All of them slowly growing up in their own pace. I also have added some mosquito dunks in there to get rid of mosquito larvae. I started them in a 15 gallon storage container & is going to paint the outside to give it a nice look. Will take a picture & upload once i do that.


Like I mentioned I tried to do some painting on the side of the container pond but as its upright & cannot be kept on its side, couldn’t paint properly & it turned out to be a mess! May be will try again next time I clean up the container pond….


This is how my container pond looks like now! Lots of algae & 6 pond snails, i only had 2 snails which hitched a ride along with either my water lettuce or parrot feather from the store but they are breeding like crazy! I guess my water lettuce need some treatment as they are slowly turning yellow!

container pondcontainer pond

Here’s my container pond after some cleaning, propagation & re potting! My water lettuce still not growing, in a dormant stage as always! I added a plant in a frog pot called Horsetail reed!

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