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DIY Bird Bath

I was thinking of buying a good looking bird bath but they all seemed so expensive so I ended up creating my own.


I finally did it & i think it will still need some improvement. But here’s the things you will need to make this.

Note: I made some changes to the Birdbath later on as this one is too wobbly on a windy day so made 2 bird baths out of one & now they are steeply steady.


Nov 20151




Yard cup which is a 2 feet tall sippy cup, I used 6 of them altogether for 3 legs.

River stones or pebbles 5 packets

G02 glue or Loctite.

Arcylic paint of your choice

sand paper p320

A sturdy plate or plywood

Matte Mod podge

A clay saucer

2 beach pebbles

First, I sanded the yard cups thoroughly using the sandpaper until the smoothness is gone . Then get rid of all the dust from the cup using a clean cloth or rinse and dry it.


Now you need to select the color you want to paint on it. I picked Martha Stewart’s Multi surface Satin Acrylic craft paint & painted the cup.


Once they are dry add the stones inside. I just dumped them in the first couple & then realized that’s too messy so added them in small Ziplocs & dropped them in which is easier when you have to close & glue them together. Add as many as you feel or fill it up all the way . Then glue both of the cups together using the Go2 or Hot glue gun.


If you dont want to decorate any further you can skip the next one.

i used Applebee’s Nature Acrylic Craft Paint which is not too glossy & wont scare the birds away. I used the back of a paint brush to make polka dots all over.

Aug 20157

Afterwards let that dry thoroughly, then apply mod podge over it to give that a finished look.

Then let that dry for the amount of time mentioned on the cover.


Then get a plate which is somewhat the same size of the pot saucer & add it to the top of the legs after arranging them in a triangle shape. Then apply the glue to the top of each leg using loctite & press down the plate on top. If you are using a plywood cut that into a size of the saucer.

Sept 2015

Once this is dry, place the saucer on top & adjust.


Fill that up with water & add 2 beach pebbles in it. Beach pebbles in the bath will help smaller birds which can get themselves up on top of them to dry off and get their bearings again.