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Mourning Doves

This spring I have been seeing a lot more bird activities in my backyard. I see my regular visitors like finches, humming birds, pheobe, sparrow, mourning doves & the springtime visitors like mocking bird & the special visitors this year are cliff swallows who are trying to build nest on the eaves of my house. But I always like to listen to the cooing sound of the mouning doves which kind of helps me feel calm! I have this pair of mourning doves who have built a nest in the palm tree in my backyard. 

They take turn sitting on the eggs & have seeds & water from my birdfeeder! I always leave some seeds below the hanging feeder  on the ground just so that the doves can have it since they wont eat anything from the regular hanging feeder!!

They are really hard to be seen from any direction & they just blend right into the dried out palm fronds. But have been seeing this crow which is looking for an opportunity to snatch their eggs.

They have 2 eggs, for the record (I didn’t scare or chase the bird to get this nest picture), took the picture when the bird left the nest in search of food.

 Last year they had their nest on top of our awning & had 3 set of eggs one after the other. While it was fun watching them building nest & raising chicks, their daily activities kind of ruined our awning that year!

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