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Humming bird Perch

This Humming bird has been a regular at my feeder for a very long time & always perches on something close to the feeder so that he can fight off any other hummer who comes by to feed on it. Then I thought of making him a perch which could be conveniently next to the feeder, so that he can be closer.IMG_0251

So I came up with one idea & for that I used a pencil & a copper wire!


At first I tried to make it by gluing the moss roll but it turned out to be too thick for the hummer to perch on!

So I changed it a bit & removed the moss roll & simply rolled & tied the copper wire onto the pencil by cutting both the ends of the pencil. It turned out pretty good, after adding those flowers 🌺 to it!

The hummer still visits at least 20 odd times a day! But it is taking its time to getting used to the idea of my new perch, he will eventually perch on it once it is comfortable with it, I guess!!


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